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revealing baby gender during pregnancy

Tips on revealing your baby’s gender during Christmas family gatherings.

If you’re pregnant, it’s time to share your baby news with your family. Look at Me 4D Imaging is here with tips on how to reveal your baby’s gender during Christmas family gatherings.

Here are some tips for revealing the gender of your baby at holiday dinners:

There are many ways to reveal the gender of your baby at holiday gatherings. Here are some of our favorites:

Bring clue items to Christmas dinner

Bring clue items to Christmas dinner for you and your spouse to hold up when you’re ready to reveal the gender after opening your presents. For example, pink- or blue-colored paper cutouts, a sonogram photo of your baby printed on a piece of paper and placed in a pre-folded “boy” diaper, or stuffed inside a doll’s onesie that has been wrapped as a gift can easily be held up to let your family know your baby’s gender.

Play a game

As a fun way to find out your baby’s gender, make a festive Pin the Tail on the Donkey-type game for Christmas dinner with pink or blue balloons and pieces of paper taped to them. Write down clues about your baby’s gender on each piece of paper so guests will know the appropriate color to aim for when taking their turn.

Make a mess

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner or spending time with family this holiday, you can make gender reveal confetti by filling an open box with either blue or pink paper shreds and confetti shaped like baby bottles, rattles, booties, and more. When your family opens their gifts, have each person take a turn reaching into the box and tossing the confetti in the air to let everyone know your baby’s gender.

Decorate holiday ornaments

Enjoy some quality time with your family by decorating holiday ornaments together. You can make an ornament for each family member out of clay that has been painted blue or pink, with paper written on it that reveals your baby’s gender.

If you’re not artistic, no problem! Simply write blue and pink on pieces of paper and place them around a white ornament before wrapping it in festive gift wrap. Let each family member take turns pulling off the paper until they find the color that matches the gender of your baby.

Bake a cake

6. For a creative way to give your family the gift of an early gender reveal, you can bake a special cake in either blue or pink. Ask everyone to take turns cutting slices and then sharing with the others what color icing they got under the cake’s frosting.

For more information about how to share your baby news this season, don’t hesitate to contact Look at Me 4D Imaging at (225) 435-9749 or book an appointment for a gender reveal ultrasound package at our studio in Livingston, LA.


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