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We will not let COVID steal the joy of your ultimate ultrasound experience. 

During the time of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic Look At Me 4D Imaging promises to provide you with the happiness and joy you deserve during your experience with us; while keeping our Moms to be and guest safe!

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures:

  • We are taking all precautions to ensure the Safety and Health of our clients and our own.
  • We do wear masks in the office and would ask all guests to wear one if possible.
  • Everything is cleaned between clients per guidelines.
  • Social distancing is not a problem with our large room.
  • Family members are allowed to come visit and share in the fun.

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Double the Honor, Double the Joy!

We’re thrilled to announce that Look At Me 4D Imaging has been voted as the Reader’s Choice for 4D Ultrasound by Baton Rouge Parents Magazine for the second year running! Experience the award-winning magic that won the hearts of families twice over. Join us in celebrating this special moment!