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baby gender reveal ideas 2022 look at me 3d imaging baton rouge ultrasound

22 Best Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender in 2022

Reveal your baby’s gender in a fun and unique way with these 22 gender reveal ideas for 2022.

Gender Reveal Food

Everyone loves to eat (especially pregnant women, right?). Here are some sweet treats you can serve at your next gender reveal party!

gender reveal cake 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Candy-filled gender reveal cake.

What’s a party with a cake? Because it’s something you can’t miss at the celebration, why not utilize it for a gender reveal? Consider making a candy-filled wedding cake if you’re searching for easy gender reveal ideas. You may use M&M’s or other of your favorite candies to fill in the cake.

Here’s the hard part. Whichever candy you choose, pick out the yellow (if you’re having a girl) or blue (if you’re having a boy) colors and use them inside the cake.

To reveal the gender, just slice a piece of the cake, and you’ll quickly see if it’s a yellow or blue M&M.

gender reveal cake pops 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal cake pops.

Who doesn’t love a good surprise?

These cake pops are perfect for any parent looking to have some fun with their child’s gender reveal party. The delicious-looking treats have both pink and blue on the outside, but once you take a bite into them, it’ll be clear what you’re having, depending on the color of the cake.

gender reveal cup cakes 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal cupcakes

For a party, it’s a fun gender reveal concept.

To emphasize the “bun in the oven,” play on the name, make cupcakes or cakes with pink or blue food coloring inside. After cooling, return the treat(s) to the oven for safekeeping. Arrange everyone in the kitchen for the grand unveiling before removing your cake or cupcakes.

gender reveal blue punch 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender-reveal punch

If you’re hosting a gender reveal party, offer this fun drink for all of your guests. or a girl, use pink lemonade. For a boy, use blue Hawaiian Punch.

For added effect, serve it in clear glasses to highlight the color better.

Now, enough about food, let’s discuss some of our favorite gender reveal games.

Gender Reveal Games

Once you’ve got your guests all riled up about the baby, it’s time to play! You can use these gender reveal games at your next gender reveal soiree.

gender game pop balloon board 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Pop the balloon dartboard

Let’s play a game!

The rules are simple: One balloon should have blue or pink paint, then the rest with white.

Next, fasten the balloons to a board. Have your guests take turns throwing darts at the paint-filled balloons. After someone pops the balloon, you’ll find out what color of paint was inside.

Have them pop the balloons until the colored one is popped, and voila! You’ll have your baby’s gender.

gender reveal idea scratch off card 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal scratch-off cards.

Gender reveals are a fun way to celebrate the gender of your baby.

One idea is scratch-off cards where all guests need do is scratch off their card and reveal whether you’re expecting a baby boy or baby girl!

gender reveal idea playdough 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal play-doh

There’s a special kind of Play-Doh that reveals pink or blue when it’s rolled out. Have everyone gather in the room, pop open a can of this fantastic stuff, and let the fun begin! It’ll be better than any guessing game you’ve ever played. You can buy it from Pandabear Studios on Etsy.

gender reveal idea treasure hunt 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Treasure hunt

This is a fun way to disclose the gender, but keep it short and simple, so your mommy-to-be doesn’t get too tired. Plant some clues in their house or backyard before the party starts; once it begins, just send them on their way with instructions about what they should do when arriving at each clue.

Download pre-made cards from

gender reveal idea paint gun 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal paint guns.

The excited parents-to-be can wear white at her gender reveal party and have friends armed with paint guns. The paint guns should be loaded with pink or blue paint and splashed on the expecting parents. This creative idea will allow guests to get an early indication of what they may have in store for birthdays later this year – whether it’s princesses castles or pirates ships.

Old Wives Tales Gender Reveal Game

Old wives tale quiz party game

Follow each of these old wives’ tales to determine the baby’s gender. When you do the big reveal, you’ll see how accurate they were. There’s a great printable copy that you can use at The Post Partum Party website.

gender reveal idea gender reveal election 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Vote in the gender reveal election.

Put out a ballot at the party. Everyone gets to vote whether you are expecting a boy or girl. You can tally up which gender got more votes, or you could even put two boxes on there and let people write in their ballots.

At some point in the party, open the ballot box, taller up the votes, and see which of your guests got it right.

Now let’s discuss gender reveal gifts.

Gender Reveal Gifts

With these gender reveal gifts, you can send your guests home with a keepsake memento of your happy day.

gender reveal idea photobook 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal photo books.

These gender reveal photo books are a great way to get your friends and family for all of the photos that will be coming their way.

Put photos of your ultrasound in the book and pictures of the parents-to-be when they were younger. Then add in images from people at the party, and it’s sure to be a hit!

gender reveal idea party hat 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal party hats.

These gender reveal party hats are perfect for photo opportunities as you can wear them for the big announcement, then take them home as a memorable keepsake to show off to friends and family.

From bows to tiaras, you can go as frilly as you want with your hat’s theme to match the baby’s gender.

gender reveal idea boy girl stickers 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal stickers

These gender reveal stickers are a great way to show off your big news! It doesn’t matter what kind of sticker sets you get because these fun and festive accessories will do just fine. They’re easy to carry and perfect for party games.

look at me 4d imaging baton rouge 3d ultrasound image gallery 25

Do you need an ultrasound for your gender reveal?

Gender Reveal Activities

Here are some fun activities (not games) that you can do at your gender reveal party. You can choose any of them, or you can even combine a few!

gender reveal idea smoke bombs 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Smoke bombs

Smoke bombs are a fun way to fill the air with pink or blue smoke.

During your party, fire them off to give everyone an early indication of whether they’ll be buying dolls or action figures in the near future.

gender reveal idea fireworks 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge


Fireworks are fantastic for an outdoor party.

You’ll want to go with pink or blue, though, depending on your baby’s gender. See if you can score some fireworks that will project the colors into the sky!

Be sure to make sure that they are legal in your area and be shot off safely.

gender reveal idea release balloons 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge


Balloons are more of a decoration than an activity, but they are essential. You can fill the air with pink or blue balloons at your gender reveal party to show how excited you are to announce your baby’s gender.

gender reveal idea confetti cannon 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Confetti cannons

Confetti cannons are a great way to share lots of colored confetti with everyone! You can buy confetti poppers filled with pink or blue confetti to make the perfect pregnancy announcement.  Just make sure that everyone is clear of the blast zone before you fire it off.

gender reveal idea pinata 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Pinata filled with pink or blue candy

Is this a game or an activity?

Fill a pinata with pink or blue candy and let someone whack it with a stick. The other colors will go flying, and everyone there can let out their inner child and grab as much candy as they want!

gender reveal idea photoshoot 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Gender reveal photoshoot

You can make your gender reveal unforgettable by having a photographer take pictures of you before the event. Then during the party, give them to your guests to let them know whether they’ll be buying bows or boots in the future.

gender reveal idea cotton candy booth 3d ultrasound studio baton rouge

Cotton candy booth

Our final activity is perfect for an outdoor party. Rent a cotton candy machine and make pink or blue cotton candy to eat during the party! You can use it as part of your photo booth set up too.

If you’re looking for a unique and exciting way to reveal your baby’s gender, look no further than our list of the 10 Best Ways to Reveal Your Baby’s Gender in 2022.

From smoke bombs to fireworks, we have something for everyone. And if you’re looking for an easy way to find out what you’re having, be sure to check out our ultrasound services page and book your gender reveal ultrasound today!


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