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convince husband find out baby gender early

9 Ways to Convince Your Husband to Find Out the Sex of Your Baby Early

Who doesn’t want to know the gender of their baby early? I’m sure some people would rather wait, but most moms-to-be just can’t resist finding out…especially if they have an opinion on what it will be!

Of course, your spouse might not be as excited about the idea. Some men feel like the whole process is a “gimmick” and that it’s not worth knowing before meeting your little one. But here are nine ways to convince them otherwise:

Getting the Nursery Ready

convince husband find out baby gender

Tell him that you want to find out the sex of your baby early so you can prepare your nursery. If you don’t know the sex of the baby, you might as well paint the nursery a gender-neutral color like light blue or yellow. These are both pleasant and calming colors that can work for either sex.

If you know what you’re having, it will be much easier to plan your baby’s room based on their gender. Plus, you won’t have to wait until you’re in the delivery room to come up with a color to paint the nursery.

Buying Clothes and Toys

how to convince husband find out baby gender

Tell your husband that you want to know the sex of the baby early so you can start buying clothes and toys. If you know the sex before making a trip to the store, it will be easier to find clothes and toys that match. Plus, you wouldn’t give a newborn boy a dress or a newborn girl a toy truck.

A Great Christmas Present

how to convince husband sneek peek gender reveal

Determining the sex of your baby will make a great Christmas present. Plus, let’s face it. Women are difficult to shop for. And your husband probably waits until the last minute to buy you a present anyway.

So explain to him that finding out your baby’s gender is the perfect present that you both can enjoy. Plus, since you’re probably already spending a lot of money on preparing for your baby’s arrival, finding out your baby’s gender will save you money (especially if your husband goes all-out on Christmas gifts).

Wait and See

husband waiting to learn baby gender in delivery room

Appeal to his logic by explaining that waiting and finding out the sex of your baby can be nerve-wracking. Ask him if he wants to be surprised when the baby is born and not know whether it’s a boy or girl until then.

Give Him an Incentive

pregnant wife giving husband gift to convince him to find baby gender early

Sometimes, husbands just need a little prodding.  Offer to do something he likes or give him a gift if your husband agrees to find out the gender of your baby. Here are some suggestions:

  • Give him a night out with the boys
  • Let him go golfing
  • Ask if he wants a new video game.
  • Offer to cook him his favorite meal.

If you offer him a little something, he might be more inclined to find out the gender.

Share a Surprise

Tell him that it will be a surprise for both of you, but he’ll get to find out first.

For example, if you take an early DNA test to find the baby’s gender and the results come in the mail, allow him to open the envelope and tell you the gender.

Save Money on Clothes

baby clothes to purchase after convincing husband to finding out baby gender

Every mom wants to dress their newborn in adorable clothes, but they can be expensive. If you find out the gender early and know what to expect in terms of size, it’s easier to buy clothes at a cheaper price point or clearance.

Plus, you’ll only have to buy clothes once! If you don’t know your baby’s gender, you’ll have to go through the process of purchasing and returning clothes before you find just the right outfit.

Remember, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right!

Make Family Happy

Remind him that his family will want to know the baby’s sex too, so they can start buying gifts.

By knowing your baby’s gender ahead of time, family members can take their time picking out the perfect clothes, toys, and other items that will be gender-specific.

This is bound to make your family happy! You can also think about a theme for the baby shower or gender reveal party based on their gender too!

Plus if you don’t tell grandma the baby’s gender, you might end up with a shirt like this:

Keep Your Baby Safe

convince husband sneek peek gender reveal

If all else fails, tell him that knowing what gender your baby is before its born could save lives by helping doctors predict potential health risks and other important medical information. Each gender has its own set of risks, and doctors would like to start screening as early in the pregnancy as possible.

It’s not too late to take a gender prediction test today! Studies have shown that boys are more likely to be born with a chromosome abnormality, autism, or ADHD than girls, but by taking an accurate test now, you can determine if your baby is at risk.

We hope this post has given you some helpful tips and tricks to convince your husband to find out your baby’s sex. Be sure to check back with us once he agrees, as we would love to share in that moment with you!  Don’t settle for old wives’ tales!

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