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About Us

Experience the Joy of Pregnancy with Look At Me 4D Imaging, where your precious moments are captured and cherished by our dedicated and expert team in Livingston, LA.

Who We Are

Our Essence

I’m Anna Bass, the heart behind Look At Me 4D Imaging. As a seasoned Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer specializing in OB/GYN, my journey in ultrasound has always been driven by a profound desire to enrich the prenatal experience for expecting parents.

My academic journey, marked by a rigorous education from North Oaks School of Radiologic Technology and the Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics, laid the groundwork for my professional path. My tenure at Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge further honed my skills, allowing me to blend technical expertise with a nurturing touch.

As a mother of three, my personal and professional lives intertwine, fueling my dedication to offering a service and a memorable journey. I understand the tenderness, excitement, and anticipation that come with each ultrasound, and I am committed to making every moment count for you, your little one, and your entire family.

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Our Mission

Heartfelt Commitment

At Look At Me 4D Imaging, our mission is to provide an unparalleled ultrasound experience that goes beyond just images. We are committed to nurturing an environment where families can bond, love flourishes, and the miracle of life is celebrated in every detail.

  1. Exceptional Care: To offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere where every family feels valued, understood, and cared for.

  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: To utilize the latest in ultrasound technology, ensuring the clearest, most detailed images of your unborn baby.

  3. Personalized Experiences: To tailor each session to the unique needs and desires of our families, ensuring a memorable experience that is as individual as the precious life it reveals.

  4. Education and Support: To empower and educate parents-to-be, providing them with knowledge and reassurance throughout their pregnancy journey.

  5. Community Connection: To foster a sense of community, offering support and celebrating every step of this beautiful journey with expecting families.

At Look At Me 4D Imaging, we’re not just capturing images; we’re capturing hearts, nurturing bonds, and commemorating the start of life’s greatest adventure. Welcome to our family!

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Unmatched Excellence

Why Choose Look At Me 4D Imaging?

Choose Look At Me 4D Imaging for a unique blend of heartfelt care and superior imaging technology, ensuring your journey into parenthood is as special and memorable as the new life you’re about to welcome.

Personalized Care:

Your unique journey deserves special attention. Our tailored sessions ensure your comfort and joy at every step.

Advanced Technology:

Our advanced 3D/4D ultrasounds bring your baby’s first smiles and yawns into sharp, loving focus.

Expert Team:

Led by Anna Bass, our team combines technical excellence with a mother’s understanding to create a safe, welcoming experience.

Accredited Distinction

Our Certifications

At Look At Me 4D Imaging, we take pride in our professional accreditations. These certifications are a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and the highest standards in prenatal imaging.

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