Baby Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor Built-in 2.5MHz Probe USA


The Baby Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Monitor is a handheld device that allows you to monitor your baby`s heart rate, and hear the sound of their heartbeat. The monitor can be used at home or in the hospital. It will help keep an eye on how healthy your baby is after birth, as well as let you know when it`s time for them to come out!


The Baby Fetal Doppler Built-in 2.5MHz Probe USA baby monitor is an excellent addition to any expecting parent’s life!

The built-in probe provides clear readings of the fetus, with easy reading digital display and two listening modes providing gentle reassurance every step of the way.

It has sensitive reception that will pick up even the heart rate of a small bug crawling around on your floor! With its intelligent noise reduction feature, you’ll be able to hear your baby’s fetal heartbeat clearly despite all outside sources of sound or motion coming through as well.


  • Model Number: U3-02 Fetal Doppler Baby Monitor
  • Display: LCD display
  • Performance: 2.5 Mhz probe High sensitivity
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: Pink+White
  • Display: 45mm×20mm
  • Suitable Range: 12 weeks and above
  • Probe operating frequency: 2.5MHz ± 10%
  • Fetal heart rate range: 50-240BPM
  • Power: 2x AA battery (Battery included)
  • Probe Size: 3.2×10.4cm/1.3″x4.1″
  • Probe cable: 1.5m/59″ Size: 6.3x3x13cm /2.5″x1.2″x5.1″


  • Intelligent Noise Reduction
  • High Sensitivity Probe
  • Clear reading
  • Digital mode
  • Two kinds of listening mode

2 ounces doppler ultrasound gel and 2 “AA” batteries included.

3.1/5 (13 Reviews)

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