Sweet Cheeks 3D/4D/HD-Live (Weeks 27-35)


  • Early Viewing (22-26 Weeks) – Your baby’s facial features are developing, and the baby is still working to put on some weight to get those sweet chubby cheeks that we love to see.
  • Ideal Viewing (27-32 Weeks) – This is the most ideal time to schedule an elective 3D|4D|HDLive Ultrasound.  Babies’ chubby cheeks are filling out and distinct facial features are developed.  This is a great time to see if they look like mom or dad.
  • Unpredictable Viewing (After 32 Weeks) – This is an uncertain time and can get tricky due to several factors (limited space, position of baby, position of placenta, amount of fluid around baby).  After 32-Weeks it is increasingly difficult to obtain quality imagesHowever, there is still a possibility to get images, it can just be a little more of a challenge.

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