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Sweet Cheeks 3D/4D/HD-Live (Weeks 27-35)

  • Early Viewing (22-26 Weeks) – Your baby’s facial features are developing, and the baby is still working to put on some weight to get those sweet chubby cheeks that we love to see.
  • Ideal Viewing (27-32 Weeks) – This is the most ideal time to schedule an elective 3D|4D|HDLive Ultrasound.  Babies’ chubby cheeks are filling out and distinct facial features are developed.  This is a great time to see if they look like mom or dad.
  • Unpredictable Viewing (After 32 Weeks) – This is an uncertain time and can get tricky due to several factors (limited space, position of baby, position of placenta, amount of fluid around baby).  After 32-Weeks it is increasingly difficult to obtain quality imagesHowever, there is still a possibility to get images, it can just be a little more of a challenge.


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Ultrasounds Available from 27-35 Weeks

Best viewing time 27-35 Weeks $159.00

  • During this 35-Minute session, you will see your baby’s chubby cheeks and movements in 3D|4D and HDLive.
  • You will take home 8-10 black and white prints plus your choice of 2 color prints.
  • With this package, you can add a heartbeat animal.
    • If your baby is being bashful and/or Sonographer is not satisfied with the 3D|4D images, we will invite you back within 1-2 weeks of your original appointment to capture additional images.
  • A video of the entire session and all images will be stored in your FREE online BabyFlix Account.

For an additional $10, you can choose to Stream your Baby’s Ultrasound Live! 

  • Imagine being able to share your baby’s ultrasound live! BabyFlix allows you to elevate the bonding experience with friends, family, and loved ones near and far. You can share your ultrasound as it is happening with aunts and uncles in another state, loved ones that may live overseas, or a spouse that is stationed in a foreign country. Your journey has already started. Now let those closest to you accompany you as you prepare for your little one’s arrival. The process is simple:
    1. Schedule the live broadcast when you make your appointment
    2. Invite family and friends
    3. Your ultrasound session is broadcast to a browser, mobile phone, or cast to a TV.
    4. BabyFlix saves the streamed broadcast to your gallery
    5. Our journey has already started, now let those closest to you accompany you as you prepare for your little one’s arrival