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One Last Look 2D (Weeks 35-40)

Looking for a 35-40 week 2D ultrasound in Livingston, LA? Look no further than Look at Me 4D Imaging! Our experienced staff will provide you with a quality ultrasound experience.


SKU: LAM5Categories: 3D Ultrasounds, Ultrasound Packages

35-40 Week 2D Ultrasound


  • At this time, the baby’s head is low, and face pictures are harder to see.  However, we have also had the opportunity to capture some great images at this time.  If this is not the case, we can listen to the heartbeat and look for fingers/toes.
  • During your “One Last Look” session, you can enjoy a 15-Minute session in 2D, and if they cooperate, we can capture some 3D|4D images of your baby.
  • You will take home 2-4 black and white prints.
  • With this package, you can add a heartbeat animal.
  • A video of the entire session, as well as all images, will be stored in your own online account with BabyFlix.

For an additional $10, you can choose to Stream your Baby’s Ultrasound Live! 

  • Imagine being able to share your baby’s ultrasound live! BabyFlix allows you to elevate the bonding experience with friends, family, and loved ones near and far. You can share your ultrasound as it is happening with aunts and uncles in another state, loved ones that may live overseas, or a spouse that is stationed in a foreign country. Your journey has already started; let those closest to you accompany you as you prepare for the arrival of your little one.  The process is simple: 
    1. Schedule the live broadcast when you make your appointment
    2. Invite family and friends
    3. Your ultrasound session is broadcast to a browser, mobile phone, or cast to a TV.
    4. BabyFlix saves the streamed broadcast to your gallery
    5. Our journey has already started, now let those closest to you accompany you as you prepare for your little one’s arrival