WHAT IS A VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER? Simply put, it's a virtual celebration of a forthcoming or new addition to the family. All of your friends and family might be too busy for a real-world party, but that doesn't mean they can't still celebrate with you in virtual space. It also means that you won't have to worry about transporting large quantities of food and drink.

Step 1: Planning Your Virtual Baby Shower.

If you're planning a virtual baby shower, make sure it's something that will be funny and lighthearted; virtual showers aren't as intimate (or messy) as real ones, so they don't have the same solemnity!

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Personalized Envites are great for this because they allow you to customize your message so that it doesn't make you sound like an over-emotional, gushing pregnant woman. Be careful that you're not too over the top with your invitations, though, or you may be turning people off! Whether through an email, social media message, or a printed invitation, make sure to invite everyone with a clear set of instructions about how and when they can attend.

Step 5: The Gifts

Gift Cards - If the guest can't find baby-related items in their area's stores, a gift card is always a great option. They're easy to purchase and can be used virtually anywhere! Most baby stores and department store websites sell gift cards or make them available for order online. Sending Gifts - If there's one thing that we've learned in 2020 and 2021, it is that you can get just about anything delivered to you! So if your guest has an idea for a new mommy gift, they may be able to find it online and have it delivered directly to them or the shower location. Online Baby Registries - Many baby stores now feature a comprehensive registry site online that allows you to add baby items from other makers or boutiques to your page. This is an excellent way for people who might otherwise have trouble finding the perfect gift since it gives them access to millions of items.

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Step 6: Throw Your Baby Shower And Sit Back.

You've made it through the hard part! Now you just have to wait for your guests to sign in and do their thing. Remember, online baby showers aren't just about you. They're about your guests as well. They should feel like they've been invited to a real celebration, and that means including them in the conversation.